The Floriade Festival 2022 –a world-class event and celebration of gardens.

The festival

Floriade Greenhouse, Almere, Netherlands 2022
Floriade Greenhouse
Almere, Netherlands

The Floriade is an international event hosted by a different town or city in the Netherlands, every ten years. It is an exhibition and festival of gardens, from the flora and fauna to important environmental issues. The event often spans five months, lasting from April through to October.

In total there have been six official Floriade exhibitions, the first in 1960. All have been World Horticultural Expositions and recognised by the Bureau International des Expositions.

History of Floriade

Euromast Tower built for the 1960 Floriade.
Rottherdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands is well known for being synonymous with spectacular floral events, from its extensive history with tulips to the famous Keukenhof Gardens. Floral festivals, of Floriade grandeur, date back to the year 1910. Simply named ‘Flora Exhibitions’, the first show was held in Haarlem at the Haarlemmerhout. The show then moved to Groenendaal Park in Heemstede, where it was held in 1925, 1935 and 1953.

The first time the festival was given the name Floriade was in 1960 and the event was held in the scenic Het Park in Rotterdam. It is actually the case that the iconic Euromast was erected to mark the special event.


Floriade Development
Almere, Netherlands

The 2022 festival will be held in Almere.

Bordering Lelystad and Zeewolde, Almere is a planned city and is the newest city in the Netherlands – becoming a municipality in 1984. It is so new that the city’s first-ever house was built in the year 1976.

Now home to over 207,000 residents it is the country’s seventh-largest city, and in 2022 will host the seventh official Floriade Exhibition.

Almere was nominated to host the festival in 2012 and work began on the impressive site last year. Showhomes, bridges, pavilions, and even roads will be constructed for the exhibition, which will then go on to become an urban district once the exhibition is over.

The district will be named Hortus; Latin for garden and will be an environmental haven of eco-friendly living, with a green city arboretum at its heart.

2022 Expo and Theme

Floriade Cable Cars 2022
Almere, Netherlands

In 2022 the Floriade festival will be held in Almere. The festival will open on the 14th of April and will close on the 9th of October.

The theme for the 2022 expo will be the important and relevant one of ‘Growing Green Cities’ and will focus on the Green City of the Future: with sub-themes of food, energy, and health.

The Expo will be situated in a unique, eight-hectare, Green City Arboretum, ( Arboretum meaning 'garden of trees' ). It will feature a stunning collection of trees, shrubs, crops, and flowers - in a seemingly unending spectrum of colours and scents - all of which will be planted alphabetically by name.

Floriade will also offer a host of different attractions and displays from over forty countries; including Italy and Indonesia - as well as a huge greenhouse complex, a sustainable innovations centre, an art and cultural programme and even a cable car that offers spectacular views over the park.

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