News from the Bridge room in Telford

October 2021

News From the Bridge room in Telford by Rob Richardson

Forty eight First for Bridge guests attended the five night holiday at the Telford golf and Spa Hotel.
Several guests ventured out to nearby Blist Hill Victorian Town, and Ironbridge, a world heritage
site, featuring Thomas Telford's iron bridge, the first such structure built from iron in 1779. A little
bit further afield was the historic medieval towns of Shrewsbury and Ludlow.

Our hotel boasted a Sauna, swimming pool and 18 hole golf course, so alongside a full bridge
programme there was little chance of boredom! At breakfast we were treated to wonderful views
over the Shropshire Hills, which was a highlight for me.

Telford golf and Spa Hotel

The bridge was competitive with a pleasing variety of winners.

Prize Winners

Director's Report by John Benneworth

I had already decided that the second of the two seminars, to be held on Saturday morning, should be about weak twos.  This hand came up on Monday evening and provided a perfect introduction to the topic.

This is a typical weak two opening bid, whatever range you play and even if you have fairly strict constraints on suit quality. 

There may be a problem if partner bids 2NT as an enquiry and you use feature showing responses, but 3D will have to do – at least it’s a second round control.

The auction  continues P - P – 3H.

What next ?  Pass seems the right action - after all you have already described your hand.

These are the full hands:

When we discussed this at the seminar, having seen the full hands, it appeared that the 3H bid would and should end the auction.

However, what happens in the relatively relaxed setting of the seminar is very different from what really occurs !

These are the results from the board when it was played:

All very different from the par score of 3Hx – 1 by South, with ideal play and defence.

Weak two opening bids have a largely preemptive purpose – this hand illustrates how difficult it is to control both sides of the auction and how difficult it is to get the defence right after a weak two opening bid.

Declarer cross ru. And finally, in the farewell pairs, there was a most unusual call for the director.  North was playing in 3S, and, instead of making an opening lead, East spread her Hand on the table as though she was dummy.  In consequence, North, as well as playing her own hand and dummy, was able to nominate the cards to be played from the East hand.  It’s unusual to see 26 cards on the table, with one player playing three of the four hands.  And, of course, whenever West was on lead, North was able to require or prohibit the lead of all the suits currently exposed in the East hand.  And the outcome ?  3S – 2; a top for EW.


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