News from the Bridge Room in Rhodes

Host Report by Kathy Williams

My first trip to Rhodes and I wasn’t disappointed, with beautiful weather, deep blue sea and very friendly people.

With the bus stop right outside the hotel it was very easy to go into Rhodes city. There was plenty to see walking around the medieval city, the Palace of the Grand Master, the museums, walking through cobbled streets and alleyways with its many shops and markets. The Acropolis dominates the hilltop and holds a small marble theatre still used today. The bustling port areas hold 3 different ports catering for all kinds of seafaring craft.

Grand Master’s Palace

Our group had a half day tour to the old town of Lindos.  The bravest climbed the 270 steps to reach the Acropolis, but most of us just walked through this fascinating town with its winding streets, cafes and shops.

We also stopped the village of Archangelos where olive oil is still produced in the traditional way.


One of my favourite times of day was to have dinner on the terrace watching the stunning sunsets.  The food was excellent, with a huge selection beautifully arranged.

Sunset from the terrace

Of course my other favourite time was evening bridge, well attended.

Prize Winners

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Director’s Report by Eddie Williams

In general the hand files and records are produced well in advance of a holiday.

Because of this I would normally have a quick look at the hands and from that decide on the seminar topics to be covered on the holiday so that the hands might help.

To prove that on the Rhodes holiday I didn’t look at the hands in advance, (and therefore I had no idea whether any of the hands would comply with the seminar topics) the hands that were played on Tuesday evenings Championship Pairs Qualifying were very appropriate for the following mornings seminar topic – Multi Landy.  So its taught me a lesson to view the hands in advance so that they can be played after the seminar not before.   Here are some of the hands.

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