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News from the Bridge Room in Lanzarote, Jan 2020

Host Report by Eddie Williams

I knew nothing about Lanzarote before our FFB break, but soon became fascinated by it.

The landscape is different from anywhere else I’ve been.  The National Park was an excellent way to spend a day.  A forty five minute coach ride around the craters, demonstrations of how hot the soil is by throwing bushes into a pit and them catching fire, almost immediately and also pouring water down a hole and the steam instantly shooting back up.

Another must do trip is a visit to Cesar Manrique’s house built inside Lava Bubbles.

The Rubicon Palace had excellent food.  As well the main buffet you could book to eat in the Steakhouse, Italian or Asian Restaurants at no extra cost.  Water and wine were included with dinner and in very generous portions.

The Rubicon Palace is situated on the promenade and the 40 minutes along the coast to Playa Blanca was an excellent way to walk off all the good food and drink.

Prize Winners

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Directors Report by Eddie Williams

One of the seminars was on Defence to Weak Twos the morning after these hands were played.

¹ 4♦ showed diamonds and hearts at least 5/5

After a weak 2 opening in a major by opponent, a jump in a minor shows that minor and the other major, at least 5/5 distribution.

East decided to pre-empt raise partner’s pre-empt opening after North’s 4♦ bid (Non-Vul against Vul) and it would have been a good sacrifice even after South doubling.  But north was not put off and bid their diamonds again leaving South to correct to 5 Hearts.

5 hearts made.

¹ 3♠ showed both minors (minimum) 5/5

After a weak 2 in a major by opponent, a cue bid of that major shows at least 5/5 in the minors.

East once again raised partner’s 2♠ opening to 4 even though North bid 3♠.  It was easy for South to bid 5 Diamonds.  After the Spade lead South drew two rounds of trumps ending in Dummy, played the Queen of Hearts letting it run to West’s King.  Now West led the 10 of Clubs won by Dummy’s Ace.  Declarer played another Heart from Dummy and finessed the ten.  Played the Ace of Hearts and now could throw away two Clubs on the last two Hearts and cross ruff.  5 Diamonds made..

¹ 4♦ Showed (minimum) 5/5 Diamonds & Hearts

South decided that at this vulnerability discretion was required and passed.  West decided with 4 Diamonds to bid 5 Diamonds which made 11 tricks.

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