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Embroidered Art by Sarah Michelle

We’re always on the lookout for inspiring crafters and a little while ago, we stumbled across the work of textile artist Sarah Michelle. Based in the midlands, Sarah’s mixed-media work combines acrylic, stitching, applique and embroidery to create depth and interest.

Her stitching portfolio consists of illustrations which have been drawn free-hand using a sewing machine. Sarah captures textures brilliantly with the use of stitches and applique, displaying everything from birds to fashion illustrations in her unique way.

“My portfolio focuses on the figurative form. I create mixed media paintings using a bold acrylic painting style. My latest collection of paintings include stitched elements portraying tattooed subjects.”

Her most recent collection takes a slightly different route, focusing on heavily tattooed figures. These have been painted using acrylic with tattoos embroidered into the canvas creating unusual textural pieces that are visually enticing, drawing the viewer closer to the painting.

Find out more about Sarah Michelle’s work on her website.