First for Bridge

Andrew’s Bridge Tips – General exercise on doubling

Consider your bidding plan if your RHO opens 1♦. If you start with a double how do you intend to continue after partner has taken it out? a) Pass. Too

News from the Bridge Room in Madeira, Feb 2020

Host Report by Pauline Durie It was a welcome return to this beautiful island of flowers. A new venue – The Baia Azul – was friendly and welcoming in a

Andrew’s Bridge Tips – Problems facing a take out doubler after partner has taken it out

Consider these West hands after the following auction. Should you bid further, hoping that game is possible, or should you pass, taking the view that since South has opening values

News from the Bridge Room in Paphos, Cyprus, Mar 2020

Host Report by Rob Richardson The March weather in Cyprus is somewhat similar to that in the UK at the height of summer. That is to say mainly warm and

News from the Bridge Room in Turkey, Feb 2020

Host Report by Ro Kaye and Anne Wright “The food is out of this world” and “I never have been in a hotel with so much to do” are just

News from Refreshers Bridge in Malta, Jan 2020

Host Report by Jane Tullett

We had a fabulous time staying at db Seabank Resort and Spa hotel in Mellieha, Malta. The superb all-inclusive cuisine in the main Coral restaurant exceeded our expectations, both in the choice and quality of dishes, including some very impressive king prawns cooked in a huge paella pan. The hotel also had specialty restaurants, of which we visited the Italian and the Oriental as a group, with some guests booking repeat visits.

News from the Bridge Room in Tenerife, Jan 2020

The Canary Islands in January provide, for our guests, a glorious break from the British (and Irish……oh and Swedish) weather. The daytime temperatures in Puerto de la Cruz were in the 20’s (yes that is centigrade) for our entire stay with accompanying sunshine on most days.

News from the Bridge Room in Lanzarote, Jan 2020

I knew nothing about Lanzarote before our FFB break, but soon became fascinated by it. The landscape is different from anywhere else I’ve been. The National Park was an excellent way to spend a day. A forty five minute coach ride around the craters, demonstrations of how hot the soil

News from the Bridge Room in Bournemouth

We had a lovely four day break on the south coast, and considering the time of year, the weather was kind for us. Many of the guests enjoyed strolls along the beach, pier and winter gardens