Art Pursuits Abroad

‘Dorset – Elegant houses to picturesque gardens’

We have recently returned from a study tour led by expert lecturer Barbara Peacock to the pristine county of Dorset, visiting privately owned country houses and picturesque gardens. This tour explored a largely untouched part of the country. Tour manager Marion Van Hoecke has given us a view into what the group got up to on the tour… 

Q&A with Barbara Peacock

Barbara Peacock is a director of Wessex Fine Art study courses and has run many successful study tours both in Britain and abroad. She lectures for the Arts Society, the Art Fund and National Trust. She was a tutor in the department of extramural studies at the University of Southampton.

Lake Como – a trip not just between places but through time

Anthony Majanlahti is a historian and writer specialising in Rome and other Italian subjects. He is a fellow of the British School of Rome and has written several academic books on Rome’s history and his book The Families Who Made Rome was a bestseller. Here, Anthony previews his fascinating tour to Lake Como with Art Pursuits Abroad in May.

Nigel McGilchrist – looking at art in 2019

Having worked in the Mediterranean area for over thirty years, art historian Nigel McGilchrist has taught for several universities and now lectures freelance. He has worked for the Italian Ministry of Arts on wall painting conservation and is the author of the 20-volume series, McGilchrist’s Greek Islands. Here, Nigel shares his thoughts on the experience of looking at art in 2019, a piece written exclusively for Art Pursuits Abroad.

Andalucia – Moors and more in Granada, Córdoba and Seville

Last month our study tour lecturer Sue Rollin led our ‘Andalucia – Moors and more in Granada, Córdoba and Seville’ trip. One of our regular clients and APA VIP, Peg Mastrianni, shared with us some amazing pictures from her time on the tour. Here’s what the group saw on their trip…

Nancy – Art Nouveau at its finest

The Ecole de Nancy, defined as the ‘Provincial Alliance of the Industries of Art’, was the launch pad of Art Nouveau in France. Following the loss of Alsace to the Germans in 1870, The Ecole was founded by a group of artists, expert in glass, woodwork, iron, ceramics and more, with the aim to make Nancy a distinguished city.