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Floriade Expo 2022 Arena Holidays

The Floriade Festival 2022 –a world-class event and celebration of gardens.

The festival The Floriade is an international event hosted by a different town or city in the Netherlands, every ten years. It is an exhibition and festival of gardens, from

Bran Castle at night in Romania

Europe’s Most Haunted

The nights are getting darker, the weather is getting colder and there is an eerie feeling in the air… That’s right, as the winter nights draw ever closer our attention

Trinichellu, Corsica, France

Trinnichellu – The Little Trains of Corsica

Are you wanting to experience something a little different on your next rail holiday?

Well, if you’re looking for adventure and something a little out of the ordinary – we’re here to tell you why the French island of Corsica is the place to be!

Eurostar, Hollingbourne

Train or Plane – which one will you let take the strain?

No longer than 60 years ago travelling by train was considered one of the most glamorous ways to get from one place to another. With holidaymakers choosing to take to the tracks and not the skies to travel long distances, so what happened?

Swiss Delights on a Holiday by Rail

Snow covered mountain tops and crystal-clear alpine lakes, grazing cattle wearing cow bells and delicious chunks of Toblerone – we can only be talking about Switzerland.

Parco San Grato, Lugano, Switzerland

The Glorious Gardens of Switzerland

When you think of Switzerland, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

The snowy peaks of the Alps, glacial trains, stunning scenery and perhaps mouthwatering chunks of Toblerone!